Privacy Policy

Corporate Intelligence Services – CIS Group has carved out a niche in the highly competitive domain of private investigation. Clients keep returning and referring us owing to our world-class, dedicated services in varied sectors, including personal and corporate, national and international.

Our agency is revered as top-rated by clients when it comes to providing ingenious and discerning investigation services relating to family feuds, mind-boggling suspicions, marital discord or a budding entrepreneur. Whether it is background checking, scams, reporting or matrimonial problems, our team of detectives operates with the greatest amount of sincerity and retains complete discretion. The ultimate aim of our agency is to provide our clients with maximum satisfaction without resorting to illegal or underhand tactics. Our agency has earned a stellar reputation thanks to our esteemed clients. We take every possible step to ensure that the faith of our clients is protected. We at Corporate Intelligence Services – CIS Group believe that failing to uphold the trust of even one of our valued clients means the end of our years of successful existence in the private investigation sector. Therefore, it is vitally important that we abide by the laws and regulations enforced by the Central and State Governments. Following rules helps maintain balance and harmony between compliance with legal aspects and client satisfaction.

Per our agency’s policy, we maintain complete transparency regarding communication and the exchange of information. In the rare event that a case proceeding is suspended due to Government laws, we immediately intimate the same to our esteemed clients. We give clients the assurance that there is an alternate way of conducting the investigation. Corporate Intelligence Services – CIS Group meets the clients’ expectations while also conforming to legal standards.

The services of a private detective are often misdirected, especially if there is a felonious third party. We adhere to policies that carry out smooth and streamlined operations. After thoroughly studying all the legal aspects, our team of private investigators will lead the mission to uncover the truth. We have tirelessly strived and worked towards becoming Maharashtra’s top-notch private detective service provider. Our attempt to find the truth, our aim to excel and our commitment to meeting our clients’ expectations will help us reach the next level.



Corporate Intelligence Services – CIS Group is one of the best detective agencies in Maharashtra, with more than 10 years of experience in private investigation. A team of highly experienced private detectives with proven domain expertise. We offer a wide range of personalized investigation services, including pre-marriage investigationpost-marriage investigation, background verification, divorce case assistance etc. Apart from personal services, we also offer corporate detective services like employee background verification, fraud case investigation, brand infringement case investigation, business disputes case investigation etc. We are one the most trusted detective agencies in Maharashtra, India. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality while delivering the utmost service. In short, we guarantee affordable prices and on-time service as a reputed detective agency in Maharashtra. We offer true evidence-based detective services in Maharashtra! So don’t hesitate to talk to us, give us a call and get a free consultation.